WP 50 cold

The slimline steel door system

WP 50 cold is a system for simple, dimensionally stable and durable door structures with minimal visible widths. The system is based on proven WP PROFILES, and are complemented by three additional profile cross-sections and glazing beads for various thicknesses.

It is suitable for indoor use, as it is a highly stable system with single and double door structures and fixed glazing with generously dimensioned elements.

  • WP 50 cold provides a broad range of applications and a high level of functionality
  • Transparent door elements in attractive designs can be made, thanks to narrow visible widths
  • Flush-mounted single and double door structures and fixed glazing are available in various dimensions
  • Also for large door elements, WP 50 cold provides consistent stability and reliability, ensuring the permanent hinge fit
  • The steel in the system is extremely impact-resistant, very hard-wearing, dimensionally stable and exceptionally durable
  • Steel is fully recyclable and very environmentally-friendly
  • Steel offers greater security against break-ins and vandalism than any other material
  • Various glass thicknesses are possible thanks to the clip-on glazing bead system and the interchangeable seals
  • WP 50 cold profile sections and window bars in a user-friendly length of 6600 mm.
  • The steel profile sections are supplied in either a bright or strip galvanised finish
  • WP 50 cold is tested to EN 14531-1 standards

This brochure contains technical information and drawings relating to the steel WP 50 door system cold.